Secondment Contract

In the face of the unrelenting competitive pressures, shifting market conditions and growing customer expectations in today’s dynamic business world, flexible human resources planning is required for an organization to stay competitive.

We enable our clients to overcome these ever-changing business challenges by providing them with secondment services. When clients exploit such services, top-quality candidates will be under the direct employment of ConsultDB while performing duties according to the instruction of our clients.

Advantages of such form of outsourcing include:


Enable companies to achieve optimum productivity and address shorter term projects needs within budget and on schedule


Optimize the utilization of resources by the reduction of administrative workload and HR routines, such as payroll, MPF, annual leave, contract preparation, maintenance of records, etc


Enjoy better credit terms and higher liquidity as ConsultDB will settle payroll for clients in advance on a monthly basis


Acquire the necessary resource from the market without providing permanent employment


Take the secondment phase as an observational period before clients commit to take the candidates as permanent placement


Save time, enhance cost control, and reduce expense in HR management, so clients can enjoy greater flexibility in budget preparation and resources allocation, and strategically focus in achieving their business objectives

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