Why ConsultDB

Why Choose ConsultDB?

ConsultDB possesses a number of unparalleled and unique features that not only define, but also set us apart from other service providers in the recruitment sector.

Our History:

We have an established track record of pinpointing the best talent in the market for our clients and furthering the careers of top-notch candidates across all seniority levels in Hong Kong, China, and the APAC region since 2003.

Our Services:

We are a professional executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of permanent, contract, and temporary positions on behalf of the world’s top employers. Combining our regional network and extensive experience, ConsultDB delivers a wide range of value-added human resource and staffing solutions including:


Executive and specialist recruitment and selection – operating on both contingency and retained approaches


Secondment staff services


Stationing of our Consultants as in-house recruiters at your corporation for a short stint, as needed for specific hiring purposes


Talent mapping services


Latest employment market research, commentaries, and media releases

Our Approach:


We are a boutique, but distinctive search firm without the mindset of a big organization


We take on a flexible approach and seek to provide timely, practical, and innovative solutions tailored to best cater to your ever-changingneeds and specific expectations


We work with our candidates and clients as a team, and view them as our partners

Our Area of Expertise:

We proactively partner with a diverse portfolio of respectable global, regional, and domestic organizations with a particular specialist focus in the Banking & Finance and Retail & Luxury industries.

With long-standing and robust networks in these two sectors, and a balance between a solid outreach in the APAC region and niche local expertise, ConsultDB has become one of the leading recruitment firms to go to for numerous aspiring professionals.

Our Powerful Search Engine and Use of Advanced Technology:

Empowered by a powerful search engine that captures vital candidate information at our disposal, we are able to:


Source through the vast pool of executive talents more efficiently and deliver the finest candidates for our clients


Maximize the "reach" and "efficiency" of our ever-growing Asia-wide network


Have access to vital candidate information and act with greater speed and responsiveness


Undertake specialist searches in niche areas that might not be accessible to other executive search firms


Ultimately reduce the cost of hire for clients

Our Team of Professional Consultants:

Each and every one of our seasoned consultants is:


A veteran in their specific areas of expertise


Able to demonstrate a high level of professionalism when delivering the best-in-class advice to both employers and job seekers


Possess an extensive and close-knit network in their industry


Offers comprehensive market knowledge to understand our clients’ business challenges and strategic people needs

Our Strong Research Team:

In addition to our team of specialist Consultants, we invest heavily in research. Our researchers have undergone intensive training in the most sophisticated and creative headhunting techniques to ensure our targeted searches are brought to a speedy and successful conclusion.

We also provide talent mapping services and the latest employment market research for our clients. Such services are vital in allowing clients to take a strategic glimpse at the external talent in a specific industry, enabling them to incorporate the results into their pipeline of internal candidates, and thus make well-informed decisions in regards to succession planning, organizational development, and benchmarking.

Our Portfolio of Top-Tier Clients:

For over 12 years, we have been providing professional yet specialized executive search consultancy services to a collection of globally recognized corporations. We constantly strive to achieve a high level of professionalism and unrivalled commitment to our international client base and are proud to count many of the world's leading companies as clients.

Our Pool of Exceptional Candidates:

We pride ourselves in identifying and attracting outstanding executives with superior skills, strategic management experience, and exemplary track records of achievement in their respective markets.

Our deep network of experienced talents we choose to present are proactively sought out and prescreened via our customized selective practices to ensure they will bring both qualitative and quantitative value to your organization as a whole.

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